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Re: [opensuse] Practicalities of IPv6
XP supported IPv6, Vista did [by default!], and now there is Windows
7. So even on M$ it is *THREE* OS revs old. It has been supported in
LINUX since 2.4!
In the kernel yes, but what about the distros? How solid is openSUSE
wrt IPv6 for instance?

I use it 8 hours a day, five days a week. Works fine.

It has been supported in Cisco IOS since late 11.x. How long does
something have to be around before it isn't "new" anymore? Calling
someone who implements IPv6 *now* as cutting or leading edge is
No it isn't. Get real, Adam. The support is not out there. Most
providers are only just now beginning to dabble with it.

What does provider support have to do with deploying IPv6 on your
network? There is zero reason to wait for your provider - in fact, that
is a bad idea. When your provider shows up with IPv6 support you won't
be ready to exploit it.

Commodity hardware does not yet support it.

I'm not sure what "commodity hardware" is. If you mean what you can buy
at Best Buy... that junk doesn't belong on a real network. It doesn't
support lots of things that it should.

When 99% of the community has yet to
implement it, the first 1% doing so IS cutting edge.

What community are you talking about? We run an almost 100% Open Source
stack and everything - Postfix, Cyrus IMAPd, PostgreSQL, Apache,
OpenLDAP, Bind, CUPS, SSH, Mono, Python, ... - supports IPv6 (and have
for awhile).

I'd be higly suspect of a project's viability if at this point it didn't
support IPv6.
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