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Re: [opensuse] how many folks running suse 11 are heavily into IPv6?
i can see from the list of issues covered in the novell CLP 11

Good. Those kind of things should be ahead of the curve.

practicum that IPv6 is part of that. so how many people here are
using IPv6 on a serious basis in their IT infrastructure?


already? and why?

It is easier to deploy it in a gradual strategic way than to scramble when you
suddenly have to
support it.

It is MUCH easier to configure than IPv4. Netmasks: Gone. Multicast: Just
Works. Auto-Config: Just works. No addressing issues for point-to-point
links. And it is faster for really big local transfers and consumes less
router resources on the WAN.

Why not use IPv6? It is just a better protocol.

did you really get to a point where IPv4 simply
couldn't do the job anymore?

There is just no reason not to begin phasing out IPv4.
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