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Re: [opensuse] how many folks running suse 11 are heavily into IPv6?
On Sat, 2009-10-17 at 02:19 -0400, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
(side note -- i'm going to be asking bunches of silly questions as
i'm preparing to eventually take the CLP 11 practicum on my way to
getting my CNI. and *that* should scare you. :-)

i can see from the list of issues covered in the novell CLP 11
practicum that IPv6 is part of that. so how many people here are
using IPv6 on a serious basis in their IT infrastructure? not just
dabbling but having it as a fundamental part of their networking
already? and why? did you really get to a point where IPv4 simply
couldn't do the job anymore?

I don't expect you'll inviting into a mail-bomb.
It's probably too early to find people "heavily" in to IPv6.

On the web-frontend, most work seems to be done (servers, browsers)
Same for dhcp, dns, ssh, net-tools like iptables, ping, ipsec.

But there is still much left to be done:
-Database (mysql might support it in 6.x ^-)
-voip (Asterisk was (!) supposed to support it in 1.6.2)
-NFS (experimental in version 4 afaicr)
-Torrent supports its, but there aren't many v6-capable clients
Graphical (web) config tools are still expecting four fields of three
digits separated by dots.

No clue about Samba, ldap, iscsi via IPv6

So advocating V6: yes, heavily using: not yet.

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