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Re: [opensuse] Partitioning problem in installing oS v11.1
  • From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 02 Oct 2009 15:47:09 -0400
  • Message-id: <4AC658BD.1090408@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 2009/10/02 17:38 (GMT+0200) jdd composed:

Felix Miata a écrit :

Windows is little different from Linux in that its boot files can live on a
partition separate from OS files. A (small) C: primary to Windows directly
corresponds to a (small) /boot on a primary in Linux.

well, one can always trick things, but I don't think you can install
windows with it's official support on a logical (I didn't try all, though)

You think wrong. Even Win98 could be "installed" on a logical, without any
real "tricks". The closest thing to a "trick" is completing all partitioning
prior to installing any OS, which immensely facilitates the process but isn't

anyway depends of version. I could run windows98 on strange partitions
given the files where copied with Linux, still not "standard"

That Windows is usually installed to a single C: primary partition in a sense
makes that configuration standard, but nevertheless "installing" to a logical
has been supported by the Windows installer for well in excess of 10 years'
worth of Windows version releases. Here are relatively simple examples of how
similar Windows can be to Linux:

sda1: 50M C: 06h primary (Windows' boot files live here)
sda5: 20G D: 07h logical (Windows and Program Files are "installed" here)
sda6: 96G E: 07h logical (My Documents is relocated here)

sda1: 50M 83h primary /boot
sda5: 511M 82h logical swapper
sda6: 19.5G 83h logical EXT3 /
sda7: 96G 83h logical /home

Between the two schemes above, both are fully supported. The only other
difference of consequence (ignoring the partition/format types) is the
separate space allocated in the latter for swap. Windows can be configured to
use a separate partition for swap, just as Linux can be configured not to.
Both have operating system and applications on a separate partition from
files required to boot.

If that's too complicated, how about this?

sda1: 50M (either Windows C: or Linux /boot; only boot files for either)
sda5: 116G (either Windows D:, for system, applications and data; or Linux /)

Either way is supported and will work. The only partitioning difference is in
labeling, which, except for the type bytes, is external to the partition
table itself.
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