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Re: [opensuse] ipconfrig--where?
In this case it would take very little effort from one of the gurus to make
the grumpy third or two thirds smile

Grumpy, and vocal, 2 - 5%

if ip outputs at least the same info as
ifconfig on a simple call. Probably it would take less time than arguing
about it.

Do not script around ifconfig. It has been deprecated - right there in
the man page - for almost a decade. In fact, don't script around any
utilities at all. If you need to script just read /sys - those are just
files, way easier to script with. Want the number of collisions from
eth0 -
cat /sys/class/net/eth0/statistics/collisions 0

In fact, since ip does nothing without parameters, simply having it default
to ifconfig output (character for character identical) would make sense.

"ip" is not "ifconfig"

The backbone of 'Nix systems is small fast command line utilities that can
be aggregated, built upon, and invoked from everywhere.

I just don't except that "small fast command line utilities" is the
backbone of anything. A very solid argument could be made that UNIX is
great despite being burdened with a shattered train wreck of
inconsistent utilities.

$ ls /usr/bin | wc -l

For crying out loud! Just cause you know it doesn't make is smart,
efficient, or elegant. There is nothing what-so-ever "elegant" about
the UNIX shell; you can do a lot of cool stuff, that doesn't mean it
isn't a mess.

When people start replacing these with "new and improved" utilities with
not so much as a thought to backward compatibility they break things
in places they don't even know about.

ifconfig still works! Even after people have been warned for almost a

The vast majority of use of ifconfig (and ipconfig in windows) is just
to get a fast snapshot of the interfaces, their state, IPs Gateways, etc.

The great majority of users will just right-click on Network Manager.
If you know to go run /sbin/ifconfig then you are plenty smart enough to
go run "ip addr" instead.

The naked command should do this rather than showing not enough help
to be helpful.

I go back to my if-you-already-know-enough... this doesn't matter.

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