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Re: [opensuse] Java plugin not working in 64-bit Firefox?
  • From: Bob S <911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 01:38:01 -0400
  • Message-id: <200906170138.01680.911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Tuesday 16 June 2009 08:32:23 Clayton wrote:
Sun recently released a 64-bit Java plugin, Not sure about openSUSE
11.0 but for 11.1 I was able to get it through YaST:
java-1_6_0-sun-plugin 1.6.0.u13-0.1.1-x86_64, in the updates repo. It
would not be a bad idea to remove any "OpenJDK" or "IcedTea" packages
you have installed at the same time.

Well.... the 1.7 (IcedTea) package was the only one I could convince
to work with FF3. I had previously installed 1.5 plus the 1.5
plugin... didn't work. Did the same with the 1.6 Java plyus plugin...
still didn't work.. then I tried 1.7.. still no go. This is with
installing only one release at a time, removing the older release each
time. Then I tried all 3 at the same time using the setup tools to
switch between... this when things "started to work"... using 1.6 for
Java, and 1.7 IcedTea for the plugin. Weird... makes little sense.

All through this I've been comparing settings (browser and otherwise)
with 2 other 32 bit installs I'm using.

For now.. it seems to be working in all the testing I've done today.

Hello Clayton and others,

Running 11.0 64 bit here, 64 bit Firefox 3.0b5, and KDE3.5. Also having big
problems with Java that I didn't have on 10.3. All exactly the same except
the OS version. I used 1.7 (Iced Tea) and it's plugins there and it worked

Neither 1.6 and it's plugins work, nor 1.7 Iced Tea and it's plugins work on
11.0. (Both work fine on Konqueror) In fact when I tried 1.6 and went to the
Java site and clicked on the "Do I have Java" link it actually killed
Firefox. 1.7 survived that but didn't work. Then I tried your weird
combination of 1.6 and the 1.7 plugins. No good.

I also went to the Wiki page suggested by Mariusz and followed the
instructions there step-by-step. Still no good.

Maybe I need to upgrade or downgrade Firefox?

I guess since you have it working you will stop fooling with it. If you, or
anybody else have any other ideas or thoughts please pass them on.

Bob S
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