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RE: [opensuse] Suse 11.1 Yast asking for password for network changes

On Saturday, 2009-06-13 at 00:19 -0700, James D. Parra wrote:

Thank you, David, for your reply.

I do not use X nor were any window managers installed;

You should have said this first time.

could kdesu really
be the culprit?

No. Or very much improbable.

The system starts in init3 and I run yast (ncurses) via an ssh
terminal and the password request pops through the yast session and
typing in your password doesn't get to the password request. Very

Are you ssh-ing as root, or do you enter as user and then "su" or "su -"
to root, or do you use yast as user?

The password request is in text mode inside the ssh session? Or is it a
graphical window shown on the graphical X session of the client machine?

Please explain the details, we can't see what you see.

If I log in at the physical terminal as root and run ncurses yast (there
is no X on this machine), when I attempt to change the ip in yast a text
mode "password" is shown through the ncurses yast session in the upper
left corner. Attempting to enter in the root password does nothing. Also,
from the command line if I use ifdown eth* a text of password is written
to the screen, however since this is not through yast, when I enter in the
password it is accepted.

The same behavior occurs over an ssh session.

I have never seen this behavior before. I have another suse 11.1 box built
and it does not request a password when the same changes are made.

Best regards,

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