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[opensuse] memtest86+ .. Recent bad memory for OCZ? Anyone else? [slightly ot]
  • From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 18:07:08 -0500
  • Message-id: <200906111807.10117.drankinatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have received and had to RMA 2 sets of OCZ Platinum DDR2 1066 in the
week (the first set painted the memtest86+ screen red right off the bat, the
second set (2 2-gig sticks), just one stick was bad that failed test 7).
Literally, the replacement RMA set was bad. What gives? Bad run of silicon?
Anyone else bought any in the past few weeks? Surprising, because other other
than a couple of prior OCZ RMAs over the years, I really haven't had any
problems with OCZ.

For the on-topic part. If anyone is relatively new to memory errors,
then you
need to know memtest86+ is your friend. If you experience stray lockups or
other random hardware failures (mouse just quits, usb devices (drives) just
disappear or quit working, etc..), then install memtest86+ which becomes a
grub menu boot option you can select to boot into memtest.

Generally, you just start it and go do something else for a while and
let it
run (it will loop through its suite of tests continually and each complete
pass can take up to an hour or more depending on how much memory and your
other hardware specifics) You can also configure memtest86+ to some extent
while it is running. Press 'c' and you can skip tests, reset, etc..

How many memory errors are acceptable - ZERO! If you see any red on the
screen you have problems. Do all problems mean fault memory - NO. You need
check your bios to make sure your bios memory setting (CAS timings, etc.) are
not set to 'tight' or 'lower' than what your memory specifications are. Try
loosening/raising the bios memory timings or set them to "Auto" and retest
before you throw in the towel. If your settings are set to "Auto", which most
are, then you should be fine on the settings.

If after confirming your bios settings, you still see red in
memtest86+, it's
time to RMA or warranty your memory. You can still narrow down which stick it
is by removing the sticks and testing them one-by-one, but if you purchased a
dual-channel kit, they're both going back anyway...

Now back to my question, anybody else seeing bad sticks of OCZ DDR2

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