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Re: [opensuse] update or installation from scratch ... this is the question
  • From: Dan Goodman <Dan.Goodman@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 12:53:20 -0400
  • Message-id: <4A2D4200.9030702@xxxxxxxx>
Richard wrote:
On Mon June 8 2009 11:21:41 am Maura Monville wrote:

I have just downloaded SuSE 11.1 64-bitand saved to a DVD.
I am still running SUSE 10.3.
My first question is: do you think I can attempt an upgrade to 11.1 or do
you advice a new installation ?

From 10.3 to 11.1 PROBABLY you should do a new installation, however, that
said, I did successfully upgrade from 10.3 to 11.0 and from there to 11.1
though not entirely without problems due to dependencies problems. But, if
you have a complicated setup involving RAIDs, LVM's a lot of specialized
software or some such, you might find it worth it to try the upgrade *after*
thorough backups. Otherwise, make a list of all the packages you currently
use, backup the data files and go with a new install, it will be easier in
the long run.

I first did an upgrade from (a fully updated) 10.3 direct to 11.1.

Much of my problem came from trying to be too "agnostic" and
experimental in choosing multiple desktop options, I suspect. My advice
there would be to pick one at upgrade time, if you go that way. Save
adding others for later, if at all.

But the upgrade did not recognize my LVM partitions, and I didn't catch
that until later, causing me to have to do a bit of haxxoring (above and
beyond what an average user would want to have to do), in order to get
things rsync'ed and mounted properly.

If you can confirm that by going first to 11.0, or by doing an install,
if you are using LVM, then I'd go one of those ways instead.

But if you are pretty much plain vanilla at 10.3, and are backed up, I
would consider trying an upgrade again.

Also, I would consider trying to get my partitions mounted by UUID
before upgrading, although this requires a modest amount of research.
Still, it seems like the better way to go. Also, be sure to dump your
partition list, using df, and write down which /dev/??? matches with
which logical partion, especially if you have two or three that were set
to the same size.

OR, just make sure you have split off your home partition before
upgrade/install, if possible, or at least well backed up. Then do either
install or upgrade, and still get your /home partition back. Almost
everything else needs to be replaced. Although if you are in, for
example, a corporate environment that requires VPN from home but not for
work, for example, or printer configs, etc., you might want to take down
settings for such things also, before upgrade or install. Ditto mail
servers, proxy settings, etc. They are easier to find if you capture
them before upgrading or installing. And they typically are a "paper
chase" to identify in a corporate environment, as they are seldom all
documented in one place. YMMV and HTH.

Overall, and given the above caveats (plus RAID issues, etc.), I would
lean in the direction of a new install. You will end up tweaking
anyway, and at least you have one less thing to worry about with a new

Dan G.
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