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Re: [opensuse] Re: Packaging tutorial
  • From: G T Smith <grahamsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 09:39:59 +0100
  • Message-id: <4850E0DF.4090304@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Philipp Thomas wrote:
On Tue, 10 Jun 2008 09:32:29 +0100, G T Smith wrote:

Both the cpan script and the modules change quite frequently and to
generate static RPMs may not be the best way forward and does sail
rather close to reinventing the wheel.

What if non perl packages need perl modules? On an RPM system you need
to use rpm to record dependencies.

I agree that this something that needs to be considered.

As you are probably aware CPAN have their own dependency mechanism which
can identify which other Perl modules need to be downloaded and
installed so a particular module can function correctly. However, a key
difference from the RPM mechanism is that the CPAN script/Module
downloads the latest version from CPAN site(s) directly and installs
from that download. (Non CPAN modules usually require other measures).

The Module usually will only be installed by the CPAN script if the
Module and its dependencies successfully compile (if required) and
(adequately) complete the test process. As I also understand it, the
test component is also in part a feedback mechanism for users to report
on any problems that occur when installing a module to the module
authors and can be configured to automate sending the results to the
authors. (I am not sure how useful it is for this is to be buried in a

There is a further complication when Perl Modules have a dependency on a
compiled or inLine Perl module. If the relevant development library
support is not in place things can fragment somewhat when it attempts to
compile for installing. Which is one area a method of integrating CPAN
and RPM dependency capabilities might be very useful.

It then gets a little more involved than just extracting the tar file
and run the Perlish build commands, as in the example given on the build
link quoted earlier.

What might be more appropriate would be to create a YaST front end to
the CPAN local database and cpan script.

That might be so. Why don't you bring up the subject on opensuse-factory
or enter it into our bugzilla as an enhancement request? If you do the
latter, take me as pth@xxxxxxxxxx into CC as I'd be interested in the

OK, I will firm up my thinking on this a little before doing this, at
the moment it is nothing more than a speculative idea (there is usually
a good reason that someone has not done something which seems as obvious
as this I think better try and find out what it is first :-) )...

Just a thought (BTW a similar approach may be appropriate for PEAR)...

Again, request it in bugzilla and/or discuss this on opensuse-factory.

At the moment I do not do much with PHP so it is whether anyone who is a
currently an active PHP user/developer and a bit more knowledgeable in
this area than I am would think it useful for such a thing to be

In addition to what has been suggested. What would also be handy is some
method of generating RPMs for some of the more useful eclipse plugins
(EPIC for Perl, the PHP support and QT for Java and C/C++ ).

Oh no, I won't touch that can of worms, specially as I have no interest
in eclipse.

*sigh* well it was worth a shot :-)


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