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Re: [opensuse] 11.0 ......a BIG update gotcha!!
  • From: "Fred A. Miller" <fmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 23:30:32 -0400
  • Message-id: <483CD1D8.9070008@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Dominique Leuenberger wrote:
On 28.05.2008 at 12:03, Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dominique Leuenberger wrote:
On 26.05.2008 at 23:10, "Fred A. Miller" <fmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

DON'T update the kernel in 11.0 as there's an excellent chance that when
Grub tries to startup the system, it won't boot!! This is repeatedly
what I get with 11.0 64-bit.



This is a known bug and is mentioned hundreds of time already on the
Mailinglist, where all comments about 11.0 at the moment belong. Or did I
miss that 11.0 is already releasesd?
I don't believe this answer......

If it is a known bug and has been mentioned "hundreds of time already on
the Factory Mailinglist" then why, in the name of common sense and the
Einstein factor, is the kernel sitting in the factory repository and is
allowed to be selected by zypper - and smart for that matter - as an
upgrade to the original when the darn thing is a piece of useless
rubbish?! The kernel is dated 23 May and today is 28 May -- and it's
still sitting there (as of a 30 seconds ago).

Perplexed from OZ.

As you put it nicely in your signature:
--> Vulgar language is the linguistic crutch of inarticulate persons.

Well: in case you did not realize: we're talking about Factory. The solution
is as simple as stated on the Factory list for many times already: add
acpi=off as a boot parameter. There will most likely come an updated kernel
rpm soon.\

Wonderful. And, what do you do if you have a laptop?


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