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Re: [opensuse] Speech-to-Text
  • From: G T Smith <grahamsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 12:37:22 +0100
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Donald D Henson wrote:
John Andersen wrote:
On Sat, May 3, 2008 at 1:23 PM, David C. Rankin
<drankinatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
With all speech recognition software you have to "train" it
which is a fairly time consuming process.

I can't speak to Dragon products, but the need to train is the key
thing that newer
technology is trying to eliminate in speech recognition. My phone
requires no
training, I can just say "call David Rankin" and it would find you in the
address book. Same with Ford Active Sync. Same with some modern
telephone answering systems. (Call HP tech support to hear a demo.)

Admittedly these things are using a vastly reduced vocabulary. But
never the
less, training is on the way out.

The Dragon Naturally Speaking web site says "No training required."
We'll see.

Don Henson

Umm... In a world where human beings get confused about what other human
beings are asking for what hope has a computer :-) see below...

I have spent some time playing round with VIA Voice in the past I found
the main problem I had was trying to stop myself dissolving into a
hysterical heap at some of training session interpretations of what had
been said, unfortunately giggles do tend to mess up the training set

First came across voice activated mobile phone support on a Sony
Ericsson about a decade or so ago, it worked but it did not really
distinguish between when I intended to make a call and normal
conversation so had to be disabled most of the time.. by the time one
enabled speech recognition on phone made call and disabled speech
recognition one would have have been better of dialling normally anyway...

A particular issue is getting the machine to distinguish between when
you are issuing a command to it or responding to something else.
Consider following conversation...

To colleague: Put it the trash..

Computer: Do you really wish to delete

Colleague: Do you want drink?

Fill in the blanks :-)

- --
I have always wished that my computer would be as easy to use as my
My wish has come true. I no longer know how to use my telephone.

Bjarne Stroustrup
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