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Re: [opensuse] NAS backup solution for OpenSuSE users
  • From: Zhang Weiwu <zhangweiwu@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 20:26:36 +0800
  • Message-id: <47F61E7C.4070800@xxxxxxxxxx>
James Knott 写道:
Zhang Weiwu wrote:

Dear all

We run a small office and is preparing to buy an NAS device to backup
every workstation. There are a lot of available NAS devices on the
market (most of them runs Linux) and many of them ship with backup
software that I can install on every workstation and automate the backup
process. Since I use OpenSuSE and I am in position to choose the
products, I must choose something that either offer backup software that
can be installed on Linux, or offer easy way to let me configure
OpenSuSE to backup to that thing.

You're confusing issues. The question is what file sharing protocol
(SMB, NFS etc.) is being used? Back up software is another question
that's not related to the first. NAS simply refers to a storage device
that can be accessed over the network. Linux can talk to most, if not all.


I come from requirement aspect to technology solutions, not coming from
technology preference to solutions. That means, if the solution works,
and easy to get it up running (I also need to care for other OpenSuSE
users who are novice, and they probably need to get it running without
me being there). That means, anything (smb, nfs, rsync over ssh, apple
file sharing protocol, webDAV ....) whatever technology, if it works, we
will use it.

By "it works", I guess we need incremental backup, the ability to
recover from any day in last week, plus being able to recover from any
last weekend in last month. It is easy to manage, it works
automatically; it doesn't stop and give a message like "mount point
doesn't exist or incorrect superblock", rather instead it gives message
like "cannot do backup, probably because network is not connected or the
device is not properly prepared". etc. I also wish to have something
users can manage to recover a file from backup by clicking and
selecting, without being told to run a command.

In my understanding in order to make NAS for backup purpose, some
software must run on the workstations being backed up, because NAS do
not know how to pull data (correct me if I am wrong), and the clients
must push data, and do it periodically (e.g. every 3:00AM). Also the
users needs something in order to select which backup, which file to
recover to where. the users also need some software that they can see if
they have failed a previous backup or if whole month's backup was
properly done, and what is the amount of data. The users also need to
know when to add new harddisk before next backup fail because of lack of
space. So it's clear our workstation should run some sort of backup
software on it, and, the software may pick compatible devices and
protocols, like many other Linux software does, and this is exactly how
NAS and backup are mentioned in the same email topic and why I asked for
information even not telling what protocol I must use (I don't must use
any protocol. I bend to any tool that works.)

The question is: we have openSuSE workstations and we have Windows
workstations, and we wish to use NAS for backup, what should we do?
Should I just go to the shop and buy the best seller NAS box and after
purchase, investigate how to use it with openSuSE or should I ask before
I buy? If the best backup software for Linux prefer NFS over CIFS, then
I probably should add nfs support to my checklist when I shop around.

I'll also go through historical threads to see if others already have
good idea. Sorry if my homework (googling around) wasn't done well enough.
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