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Re: [opensuse] Is the Suse Linux 10.0 repository gone?

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Brian K. White wrote:

Me too. Large production ones where the users are all interactive login
users, not web services, so they will not be upgraded or migrated
without dire need.
Luckily I have the retail dvd and luckily I made copies and images, so
when I need to install some app I didn't install originally, I can, but
what about all the updates after the dvd was cut?

*sigh* life with linux...

If you run SLES you're supported for a minimum of 7 years. Was it not
understood that you were using the consumer version?

There are advantages and disadvantages to a commercial unix.
There are advantages and disadvantages to a typical free linux dist.

sles, rhel, et al are the worst of both worlds.

There are many considered and weighed reasons why I use opensuse specifically.
Not sles, not rhel, not centos, not ubuntu, not a debian based roll-your-own,
not a gentoo based roll-your-own, not freebsd, not SCO, though each of those
has one or more certain aspects that are superior to the rest. And each has one
or more aspects that are inferior to the rest. But of all of those, sles and
rhel are the worst combination of pros & cons, and imo, opensuse is the best.

Describing all that actually went into that evaluation would take more writing
than even I care to do and even more explaining of most points raused or claims
made, and probably much of it futily because it would just devolve into a
religeous flame war because I would have the audacity to claim that the most
efficient and practical system to use for my customers back room kind of usage
(ie: specialized in-house business applications, not typical isp web services)
by a ridiculous margin was SCO up to about a year after Darl started. And none
of the facts would matter any more at that point because you know, SCO is evil,
and before they were evil they were old and the default shell wasn't bash and
thus baffled and frustrated any linux kiddie that encountered one, which they
rarely did because it cost $1200 for 5 users and no c compiler, and so by them
the OS was generally pronounced teh suck. Meanwhile far more significant issues
like the puny amount of administrative overhead required to properly administer
10 or 15 years of boxes because the latest version is fanatically backwards
compatible with the first version, installed in shops with no on site IT staff,
are not even on their radar.

Yes, I know exactly what opensuse is and what it isn't, and I also know what
sles is and what it isn't.

Brian K. White brian@xxxxxxxxx
filePro BBx Linux SCO FreeBSD #callahans Satriani Filk!

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