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Re: [opensuse] SATA RAID recommendations?
  • From: Jack Malone <jmalone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 14:52:18 -0600
  • Message-id: <200703052052.l25KqSw3026494@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
At 02:25 PM 3/5/2007, Anders Norrbring wrote:
Hans du Plooy skrev:
On Sun, March 4, 2007 22:35, Pascal Bleser wrote:
Anyhow, stay away from any RAID controller that is cheaper than 1000 EUR
because it's crap. And yet, software RAID on Linux outperforms most of
1000 EUR?
And this card is definitely not crap.

I've been doing some digging... Seems like ALL Adaptec SATA and SAS RAID (or not RAID) controllers make use of Adaptec's own closed-source drivers.. *sigh*
They provide a "SHIM" kit for users to be able to build a driver for their running kernel, but IMHO that sucks bigtime.. Then I need to bust my ass every time there's a kernel update available.
I will have to second the votes for using 3ware. Suse has the drivers built into the system for 3ware raid cards. I have used both ide an sata raid cards from them with no problems here at work an home. they work like a charm out of the box for me so far. I just do a clean install on a system that I insert the card into an they are seen an recognized with no problems at all. I use both raid 0 an 10 here with the.

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