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Re: [opensuse] OpenOffice 2.0.4, should one upgrade?
  • From: Jay Smith <susehelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 21:31:22 -0800
  • Message-id: <20070215053907.717C3218C1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
It's not heresy at all. The ODF Alliance has no real problem with it. The new
Microsoft XML format and ODF don't work together yet. With this plan, they will.
ODF will still be ODF and MS XML will be MS XML. They are just making sure they
translate each other. OpenOffice is it's own project handled by Sun, not Novell.
Novell is just a contributor, there is no way Microsoft could stamp everyhing
except if they patented the translator which I don't think they'll do (but I
wouldn't put it past them)

while on the subject, the other two things on the Novell MS pact also inclube
interoperability, which is a big deal. Honestly, it's not easy for many
businesses to have both Linux and Windows in the office and some don't have the
time to use Samba. By that I mean, they need to have their businesses going. They
can't take time off to learn Linux. If the two can work well together, then they
can still use Windows and linux with less trouble. let face it, once businesses
began to adopt linux more, then consumers will. Once that happens, we'll see a
lot more support for it. Also more software and drivers available as well as
codecs and what not.

Finally, virtualization. Again, what's the big deal. So They want to figure out
how to get Xen to work on Windows so they can virtualize Linux on Windows and
vice versa. That wouldn't be such a bad idea, would it. I like to play some
windows games that don't work so well on Wine.

You forget that legally, Microsoft can't take over Linux. The GPL prevents them
from doing so, the most Microsoft can do is help it work better with Windows
because right now, the two don't play nice without a lot of expert configuration.
Even without the GPL, do you think the community would ever allow Microsoft to
just take over. We have mob rule as an open source community. All MS can do is
contribute and anything they develop into Linux, it will be Open. But this isn't
about MS, just wanted to throw that out there.

> ... because it will be the one that has *Microsoft* stamped all over it. No,
>not really, no. You DO remember the M$-Novell heresy don't you?

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