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Re: [opensuse] Re: 10.2 is turning into a nightmare - ps
  • From: jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 17:08:57 -0500
  • Message-id: <200702121708.57963.jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Mon February 12 2007 9:36 am, Eberhard Roloff scratched these words
onto a coconut shell, hoping for an answer:
> Bruce Marshall wrote:
> > On Sunday 11 February 2007 19:21, Charles R. Buchanan wrote:
> >>> Linux is: Freedom, of choice, from gates & windows, from
> >>> illegal monopolies.
> >>
> 4) this stoneold "reboot" legend seemingly never goes away. However
> it is mostly cited by people who did not use windows since w9x/NT4
> times. Ex. I never had a single crash on windows since w2k and I
> cannot recall the last reboot I had to do because of an installtion.
W2K wasn't nearly as stable as some would have you believe. I had to
reboot the damned thing a lot, as it froze for no apparant reason.
Windows itself never ever even gave a hint it was in distress, or busy
or anything else.

At another time I had it hurl a blank CD out of a drive, which was on a
desktop and hence, it was aimed at the users head! The operation ,
which hadn't commenced yet, was to do a backup! Hardly a friendly thing
to do.. the windows tech support folks, after charging for the call
etc. had no response, nor even anything to check as to why it happened.

That and eating the partitions of other OSes and getting a nasty virus
in spite of up to date anti-v and Defender which was an anti
worm/trojan hunter... well, it made some of the folks look at my linux
test box in the corner and asked how many times it had been rebooted...
uptime showed it was not rebooted in more than a month.

So I'd say it was a lot like whether 10.2 is useable or not... Most of
us say yes. A few problems seem to be because of new user mistakes..
and some of it is idiosyncratic. i.e. "I don't like it this way , I
want it to do that" ..

That no one can ever fix.
> At the same time this means that the "reality outside of Linux" is
> not as hostile as it used to be. Maybe this is the reason why 95% of
> all PCs continue to be driven by redmond systems.

No it's because all PCs come w/ some form of Windows on em, and most
folks don't even know they can change it.. let alone how.

Even Gates took notice of that, saying most people wont get Vista until
they buy a computer w/ it on..

People who know me are aware they can do it, but still, many are afraid,
and one group of folks gets free Windows disks from a group he belongs
to which has group lic. to give away. Even then he spends plenty on
Anti V and trojan and worm protection... and has learned from sad times
to do decent backups at least of his data.


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