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[opensuse] a user call for attention on SuSE's mp3 support issue
  • From: Zhang Weiwu <zhangweiwu@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 10:20:27 +0800
  • Message-id: <1169950827.5670.41.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
As I recently discovered it is not very easy to enable mp3 on most media
players of OpenSuSE (except RealPlayer). I am getting upset for this,
because this might block a lot of non-techie user using SuSE (after all
RealPlayer is not the default player in SuSE). Maybe I am doing
something stupid (I am only a one year old SuSE user after all, and not
a community organization expert) but I wish to call SuSE user and
developer's attention to this issue so that:

I. as a best solution, motivate opensuse to enable mp3 by default
on bmp, xmms, banshee, rhymbox, gstreamer (including totem) and
all players;
II. as a fall back solution, let's collect solutions on how to
enalbe mp3 on various players and make sure end users can easily
find these solution, and these solutions are not too complex.
These solutions must make their way on the web so that users can
find them very easily, things appear in second google search
result won't be a lot helpful for users. (I knew there are
already a lot of "solutions" but they are often either not easy
to find or doesn't work. Check my ealier post.)
III. if OpenSuSE decide not to enable mp3 support because it's not
"Free" by GNU definition, at least we can try to submit some
patches and make these patchs gets into opensuse so that when a
music play failed to play mp3, it prompts with some
user-friendly message that you need to look up this and that
webpage for solutions on how to enable mp3 support.

I myself am still looking for solution to enable mp3 on either Banshee
or Rthymbox. Looks so far Banshee it's easiler to find a solution for
Banshee. I am still working on it.

Study shows not every "ordinary users" actually use google to search for
a solution when they got a problem. So if people have to search for how
to enable mp3, we already know many people has given up. And also study
shows even in opensource world, only 1/7 people go ask questions on
forum or mailing list. So if a google search doesn't leads to a workable
solution, 6/7 people perhaps give up, only 1/7 will post something like
me. Well perhaps only a very few percent will have a true hacker's
spirit and hack down a solution when questions on forum/lists doesn't
get a solution.

P.S. I read some forum threads saying SuSE Enterprise Linux Desktop have
mp3 enabled by default. Is this ture? If so I'd like to try it and
recommend other people to use that one in place of opensuse provide it's
not too expensive for most users.

P.S. "If it's not working, source is there and why not work it out
yourself?" Well, I'd be glad to hack the source to solve it myself IF
THE MUSIC PLAYER don't support MP3 NATIVELY. But the mp3 problem we are
facing is already solved by all Linux music players, the situation is
music players support mp3, SuSE removed it. So this is a non-technical

Sorry for bad English!

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