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Re: [opensuse] [little survey] who's using...
  • From: Curtis Rey <crey@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 02:00:11 -0800
  • Message-id: <200701260200.11713.crey@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 24 January 2007 23:05, James Ogley wrote:
> > I would like to know who's using KDE in here, in the place of GNOME?
> Interesting question, suggests one needs to manually remove GNOME in
> order to use KDE.
> > As well as the distribution has decide to "switch" to GNOME, who stayed
> > faithfull to KDE?
> Interesting statement, suggests the poster has an axe to grind.
> [Engage Google Mode]
> Hmmm, the poster has a history of hopping around distro mailing lists
> and asking strange questions. Why, only this month he was interested in
> switching to FVWM on Gentoo. He's hit the Fedora list, Mandrake's
> Cooker list and the Debian lists. Guess we're next.
> > Optionnal question: is there a big team yet that maintains KDE and
> > K*/Qt* apps in OpenSuSe?
> Is there a big team "yet"? Suggesting that KDE is lagging behind in
> openSUSE. Far from the truth. There are plenty of KDE hackers in the
> openSUSE community.
> > In other words, as _open_Suse is an almost
> > community driven distro, has "community" blindly followed Novell's
> > choice or is there competent people that decided to stay KDE based?
> What a loaded statement. Competent people only use KDE. Even dyed in
> the wool KDE users know that's not true.
> Let's not give this stirrer the oxygen of responding to his little
> survey any more guys.
> --
> James Ogley
> james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Note to original poster of the question (and obviously the guy doing research
on desktop environ habits. Hmmm! Researcher, Reporter, Shill, or Troll?).

Remember when I mentioned that even back in the day when SuSE official support
for GNOME was far less than that of KDE, but that there were many competent
and skilled developers/coders that offered GNOME packages (third party) that
provided viable GNOME packages - He's just introduced himself. And if not
for James and a few other cohorts I'd have been folding in GNOME packages
from tarballs instead of rpms way back then. I think you've gotten your
answer here. SuSE has always advocated using whatever the user prefers, be
it KDE or GNOME. With guys like James provide solid packages for people
like myself I've always flipped in and out of the respective desktops. And
more importantly had access to various GNOME apps at my leasure. I don't
think you get the F/OSS thing. It's about choice, participation, ease of use
and "innovation".

James and the GNOME faithful are old partners here on the SuSE list. It's not
a competition here. It's a coop. Use what works for you. I fail to see the
point of trying to differentiate who's faithful to Gnome "vs" KDE. People
are more faithful to Linux and F/OSS, of which GNOME and KDE are part of the
equation. Any perception for or of dominance is to miss the point in the
first place!

Have a good day! Curtis.

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