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Re: [opensuse] fsck running amok
  • From: S Glasoe <srglasoe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 17:12:33 -0600
  • Message-id: <200701181712.33276.srglasoe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 18 January 2007 14:10, Greg Wallace wrote:
> Duh, where is the cmos? As far as local time vs UTF, I understand the
> difference quite well. It's just that I don't see any option of using it
> anywhere I have looked (bios and right clicking the clock in SUSE). Is
> this cmos a setting that is somewhere else to be found?
> Thanks,
> Greg Wallace

This is all FYI.

BIOS=CMOS=hardware clock.

Right-click the clock in KDE's systray and choose 'Adjust Date & Time...",
enter the root password, click the Configure button and I end up in NTP
configuration in openSUSE 10.2...?!? Not what I expected. NTP is the way to
go if you have broadband. Keeps your system on time, all the time. I
advocate you use in the USA (substitute your 2 letter
country code elsewhere) because it keeps it geographically local. Choosing
the 'Use Random Servers from' randomly chooses from around the
globe. Netiquette of NTP says use a Stratum 2 or 3 server geographically
close and as little as possible. man ntpd has good intro info for NTP.

Right-click on KDE's systray clock used to put you into YaST, System, Date &
Time settings. That's where the 'Hardware Clock Set To' offers 2 choices of
either 'Local Time' or 'UTC'. This is the same screen you see during an
Install of openSUSE.

I always choose 'Local Time' because I occasionally boot into Windows. If my
system(s) were set to 'UTC', Windows would reliably mess up the
BIOS=CMOS=hardware clock and then SUSE's time would be off when I rebooted
to it. I have no idea if this has been resolved.

This is also mentioned in the side-bar help area of YaST, System, Date &
Time. My system automatically adjusts for DST while set to 'Local Time'. So
where it says "If the hardware clock is set to UTC, your system can switch
from standard time to daylight saving time and back automatically." is
wrong because mine always gets it right even on localtime.

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