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[opensuse] Help with logdigest
  • From: "Andre Truter" <andre.truter@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 20:08:48 +0200
  • Message-id: <173f0b9f0701091008p4d36be96hce134d548892d75@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I am using logdigest to notify me of some important messages in
logfiles and it normally works quite well.

But now I have a configuration problem with it and I cannot find any
real documentation on it.
The only documentation is the README file and that is not much.

Maybe someone here can help me.

Situation is: I have a web server and I want to see only login and
logout messages from the one log file.

So, in alarming.local I have:
GET /complogin.php
GET /logout.php

When I run a test with grep -f alarming.local <logfile>, it works
perfect, only showing those messages.
If don't have anything in the ignore.local file, then I get a nice
mail that shows the login and logout messages under:
Messages matching keywords in the "alarming" list:

Unfortunately it also lists all the apache GET and POST messages under:
All lines that are not in the "ignore" list:

But I am not interested in all of those, so I put the following in

But, now I get no messages in the report, not even the ones that match

Any Idea how I can only see messages that match what is in my alarming.local?

I suppose I can enter every possible HTTP request other than the two
in alarming.local in ignore.local, but that means that it will be an
endless list.
Every time the web app change, I will need to edit ignore.local.

Any ideas?

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