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Re: [opensuse] Any experiences with ATI 8.32.5 (x86_64)?
  • From: Masaru Nomiya <nomiya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2007 23:47:30 +0900
  • Message-id: <87wt41zg1p.wl%nomiya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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Subject : [opensuse] Any experiences with ATI 8.32.5 (x86_64)?
Message-ID : <33d293f80701050623u29da50e0ndd18f0a6ca6b4849@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date & Time: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 15:23:07 +0100

[Johannes] == "Johannes Nohl" <johannes.nohl@xxxxxxxxx> has written:

Johannes> I tried to install. No problem with that. My Card is a Radeon X300. My
Johannes> System is 64bit. I chose SUSE102/64 within the .run installer.

Have you made rpm file?

That is;

# sh ./ --buildpkg SuSE/SUSE102-AMD64


# sh ./ --buildpkg SuSE/SUSE102-IA64

Then install the driver with rpm file.

Johannes> But afterwards I experienced freezes of X. Just after some time lapse.
Johannes> Am I the only one? Is there a "secret" switch in xorg.conf, I don't
Johannes> know?

Have you checked xorg.conf?

Section "Device"
BoardName "Radeon X800 XL (R430) (PCIE)"
BusID "1:0:0"
Driver "radeon" <-- This must be "fglrx" If not, X freezes.


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