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Re: [opensuse] Question for iPod users out there!
  • From: Randall R Schulz <rschulz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 10:06:53 -0800
  • Message-id: <200701041006.53229.rschulz@xxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 04 January 2007 09:50, Roger Dedrick wrote:
> Scott Gilmore wrote:
> > It's also worthy to note that amarok and banshee also work with the
> > itunes db. I've tried it with amarok prior to 1.4 with some luck. I
> > also tried banshee. Of the 3, gtkpod seemed to be the easiest to
> > use, IMHO.
> >
> > One item of note though; populating your ipod with gtkpod and then
> > syncing with itunes on a windows pc wiped all the songs from my
> > collection. I had to go back to gtkpod and resync with it. I did
> > not investigate why this happened.
> >
> > -Scott
> My daughter claims that that is the way Itunes works. After
> populating your IPod from one computer with Itunes that is the only
> computer you are allowed to sync with. If you sync with any other
> install of Itunes, Itunes will wipe your Ipod clean. It's anti
> piracy.

That's not really right. It's only even close for DRM content (of which
I have none).

But if you leave iTunes in the default automatic sync mode, this is the
behavior you get. One day I hooked my iPod to my MacBook Pro instead of
the iMac I use to manage ripped CDs and podcasts. I wanted to see if
there might be a way to play its content through the laptop speakers.
And poof! Everything was gone from the iPod. Of course, I could just
sync it again from the iMac, but it took me by surprise.

Many people recommend using manual iPod content management in iTunes.
That prevents this nasty "I own you iPod and all its contents" mode
that is the default for iTunes.

> --
> roger

Randall Schulz
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