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[opensuse] Extending Logical Volume - Not enough extends
  • From: Jeffery Fernandez <forums@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 17:50:05 +1100
  • Message-id: <200612281750.16307.forums@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have a 75GB drive which I use for my shiny OpenSuse 10.2 install

I have setup a Volume Group called system and within the volume group, I have
two Logical Volumes, one for /home and the other / which use 25GB and 20GB
respectively. I also have a 60MB ext3 partition which is used for /boot

I am using swap partition which is on an other SATA drive. Which means I have
approx 30GB of free space.

I want to extend the /home partition to the maximum of the free space but the
YaST LVM manager doesn't allow me to do so. I have done the following to try
to achieve this:

logged-in as root in single user mode
un-mounted the /home partition
Started up YaST and LVM manager
Edited the home Logical Volume
Set the size to the max available Size (54.4GB) and click OK
Hit the Apply button which gives me the error:

"Failure occurred during the following actions:
Extending logical volume /dev/system/home to 54.4GB

system error code was: 4016

lvextend -l + 7527 /dev/system/home:
insufficient free space: 13927 extends needed, but only 7541 available."

I understand what extends are and that there is no available extends. But how
does it allow me to extend it showing there is enough room to do so and not
be able to extend it ? Any suggestions or anyone know what I am doing wrong ?

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