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Re: [opensuse] 'Goes along with those mad at Novell/SUSE and leave.
  • From: Marcus Meissner <meissner@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 11:10:29 +0100
  • Message-id: <20061225101029.GB11133@xxxxxxx>
On Sun, Dec 24, 2006 at 08:25:59PM -0500, Fred A. Miller wrote:
> Linux on the desktop has been a year or two away for over a decade now,
> and there are reasons it's not there yet. To attract nontechnical
> end-users, a Linux desktop must work out of the box, ideally
> preinstalled by the hardware vendor. Right now, Linux is usually an
> aftermarket upgrade on desktop and laptop systems. Default installations
> of Linux usually have poor multimedia support, are missing numerous
> codecs like QuickTime and WMV, and often lack even basic 3D
> acceleration. Linux can't even play DVDs without introducing the risk of
> lawsuits, and multimedia support files are usually hosted on non-US
> sites for legal reasons. Third party software support (from Quicken to
> World of Warcraft) is almost nonexistent.
> You can't win the desktop if you don't even try. Right now, few in the
> Linux world are seriously trying. And time is running out.

But this is not a Linux problem, it is more a problem of the current
state in the software industry where everything multimedia interesting
requires per-copy royalties, NDAs, closed source and so on.

Ciao, Marcus
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