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Re: [opensuse] Goodbye to suse
  • From: "John E. Perry" <j.e.perry@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 01:14:04 -0500
  • Message-id: <458F6C2C.2010505@xxxxxxx>
jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> ...
> And to sum up once again ( I guess repetitition does nothing for some
> people) DO NOT UPGRADE that way.. create a separate /home area which
> you almost never will have to touch again. And then install every new
> version you get onto a clean drive. It weeds out the cr@p you install
> just fooling around.

I can vouch for this advice. I did this a couple of years ago, and
every update since 9.2 has left my home directory intact and fully

Just two problems: first, I took others' advice again to switch from
Reiser to ext3fs, but my home directory is too big to get onto cd's or
dvd's, so I now have a system based on ext3fs except for the /home
directory, which is still Reiser. I'm digging through the home
directories so I can divide it onto several dvds, but it's going to take
a while.

Second, I keep finding stuff I really don't want to dump, even though I
haven't looked at it in years. And may never look at again. So,
converting my home partition over to ext3fs may take a long time, if I
ever done. I just hope the deep bugs on this list keep talking about in
Reiser don't come to my system.


John Perry
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