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[opensuse] zypper not installing updated packages
  • From: Craig Millar <suse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 18:22:16 +0000
  • Message-id: <20061221182215.GD19523@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I've noticed that zypper appears to be ignoring packages that it is aware
have updated versions available. For instance, I know that there is a newer
build of amarok in guru's repository, and it appears that zypper is aware of
this too:

fool:~ # zypper sh
zypper> ref
# refreshes repos ok
zypper> info amarok
Parsing metadata for packman...
Parsing metadata for gnome-community...
Parsing metadata for suse-non-oss...
Parsing metadata for kde...
Parsing metadata for wine...
Parsing metadata for suse...
Parsing metadata for beryl-compiz...
Parsing metadata for opensuse-cli-tools...
Parsing metadata for kde-backports...
Parsing metadata for beineri...
Parsing metadata for guru...
Parsing metadata for suse-update...
Parsing RPM database...

Information for package amarok:

Catalog: guru
Name: amarok
Arch: i686
Installed: Yes
Status: out-of-date (version installed)
Installed Size: 28.5 M
Summary: Media Player for KDE

etc etc

Note the out-of-date status line. Yet if I update I get "Nothing to do". I
had this yesterday as well with several new kde packages that installed via
smart where zypper had previously declined to update. I don't think it can be
a dependency issue, as zypper and smart have _exactly_ the same repositories
in my setup.

Any ideas? I will file a proper bug report later if necessary.
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