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Re: [opensuse] Need monitor recommendation
  • From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 22:44:12 -0500
  • Message-id: <45821A0C.3050103@xxxxxx>
On 2006/12/14 19:02 (GMT-0800) Randall R Schulz apparently typed:

> However, I think you need to consider more carefully what you need. It's
> not about the number of pixels displayed by the monitor, it's about the
> size of each pixel (or, equivalently, the number of pixels per inch /
> cm.).. So my monitor, the VP201b, has a 100dpi display (thus, its
> viewable area is 16 inches wide and 12 inches wide). Most LCD displays
> have about the same resolution (in the range of 96 to 100 dpi), so you
> might as well buy the biggest display you can afford, since it will
> allow you to either: a) See more information; or: b) Use larger fonts.

The most common resolutions & DPI values for normal aspect ratio flat
panels are:
15" - 1024x0768 = 85.3
17" - 1280x1024 = 96.4
19" - 1280x1024 = 86.3
20" - 1400x1050 = 87.5
20" - 1600x1200 = 100.0
21" - 1600x1200 = 95.2

By comparison for CRT:
15" nominal/14" actual - 1024x768 = 91.4
17" nominal/16" actual - 1024x768 = 80.0
19" nominal/18" actual - 1024x768 = 71.1


There's only one basic drawback of going to a higher resolution and
adjusting desktop settings to compensate: the changes you make don't
generally affect image sizes, particularly web page images, and
typically but not always icons too. OTOH, higher resolution is just a
way of saying higher quality - the more DPI, the better the quality of
any object of a particular physical size. Unless images are a particular
problem for you, you shouldn't "need" 1024x768.

There is a substantial indirect drawback to higher resolution. Current
web page designer practice is still dominated by px sizing for 800x600 &
1024x768 resolution. Such web pages will make everything smaller at any
higher resolution that is also a higher DPI than you have now. Setting
browser minimum font size, disabling site styles, and using zoom all can
help compensate, but they are no substitute for accessible designs that
adjust to user environment.
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