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Re: [opensuse] Need monitor recommendation
  • From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 16:39:11 -0500
  • Message-id: <4581C47F.7000708@xxxxxx>
On 2006/12/14 14:24 (GMT-0600) Greg Wallace apparently typed:

> On 2006/12/14 @ 1:30 PM, Felix Miata wrote:

>>FWIW, this is what I bought 3 months ago, though at a much better price
>>due than shown now. Rebate and lower price and free shipping resulted in
>>a total cost to me of about $204.

Forgot to paste the link:

> The video card on the machine is
> an ATI 256 MB Radeon X1300 Pro. I'm now wondering if a second and maybe
> better option would be to just replace the video card. Do you know whether
> those particular cards are known to have issues?

I think what you're experiencing is the result of interplay between
several factors:

1-Some monitors go in and out of sleep mode more quickly than others,
often coming out slowly
2-Some desktop environments handle mode switching more efficiently than
3-Some drivers are more prone to put a monitor in sleep mode, or take
longer to reverse the process, when something happens to temporarily
disengage the display
4-The corollary to #3 - a switch to another video card might get you a
better driver, or a worse driver, or little or no change

So, like the doctor says, if it hurts to do a particular thing, don't do
that particular thing. Don't mode switch, or at least refrain from it as
much as possible, if possible at all.

It seems your problem could be that the admin and regular accounts might
be using different display resolutions, and thus a switch between them
causes a mode switch delay.

Does XP have different options for handling user switching? Maybe
there's some setting that could be changed to reduce or eliminate the

Can the video card from the dead machine be tried in the new? Do you
have any other cards around you could try? Old PCI video cards, while
generally much slower than AGP, onboard, or PCIe, nevertheless do
usually work just fine in fast modern hardware.

Does your SUSE box use the same display? If not, test with it.

I wouldn't bet money that changing the display or the video card would
help. Might. Might not.
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