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[opensuse] About fglrx drivers
  • From: Curtis Rey <crey@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 23:31:02 -0800
  • Message-id: <200612092331.07792.crey@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Ok, I have read the bug list reports and various other media via the net about
the problems with getting the proprietary drivers from ati to load/work.
They don't and won't. I used the x.28.x version since the devs used this
version and when doing the "--listpkg" flag on the installer for the x.28.x
version was the only one that listed support for SuSE/SUSE102_IA32

Alas when loading the drivers, then changing the driver section in xorg.conf
from "radeon" to "fglrx" it fails when the "startx" command is given.
Reason? Version mismatch, it wants xorg 7.1 and SuSE 10.2 uses version 7.2
and off course it fails (FWIW - last ATi card I buy). However, when the devs
were trying to contact the ATi devs they had no luck (no phone answer -
endless hold loop, fax down, etc) because this was right around the time of
the AMD buyout and all was chaos no doubt.

The question is as follows (directed to the dev - Achtung meine dev Freunde):

Is there a point of contact (e.g. email address) other than the joe user front
end customer support page wherein one can direct the ATI devs to update the
damn drivers. I'll be nice and very diplomatic, since I realize they're
probable only 3 or 4 of them strapped to a desk in front of a workstation and
only get food and water after "x" lines of code are written. Seriously, is
there anyway to "encourage" the AMD/ATi devs to focus on updating the ATi
fglrx drivers for SuSE 10.2/xorg v7.2?

Worth a shot! Cheers, Curtis.
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