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  • From: jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 19:44:45 -0500
  • Message-id: <200612081944.45907.jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Fri December 8 2006 5:09 pm, JB skratched these words onto a coconut
shell, hoping for an answer:
> On Friday 08 December 2006 11:00, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> > On Dec 8 2006 17:47, Hartmut Meyer wrote:
> > >... unless he invites people to vote on this.
> > >
> > >And guess what: he did.
> > >
> > >And guess again: the majority of voters wanted it the way it is now
> > > (the setup you disagree with). Go and search in the archives. It's
> > > just a few months ago.
> >
> > A perfect example of why democracy sucks.
> Yeah, give the *minority* what they want or else! sheesh. Go find a
> little chunk of land somewhere and become a dictator, but don't go
> telling the rest of us how things *should* be, just because *you* want
> it that way.

"I want it that way is the only arbiter of truth" .... else we live
someone else's lives. OTH , why is death a bar to voting? They even
re-register to vote from their coffins in Chi as I recall... Humans are
so petty...
Let freedom ring! Let the white dove sing. Let the whole world know that
today is the day of reckoning. Let the weak be strong , let the might be
wrong , throw the stones away, it's Independence Day.
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