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[opensuse] why does there seem to be such a tight integration ?(Kde-Koffice-Openoffice)
  • From: jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2006 10:56:45 -0500
  • Message-id: <200612021056.45599.jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Maybe this is a kde list question, but I thought I may as well try here.
in the 10.2rc1 install, I had to install at least parts of Open office
in order to get koffice installed, and I had to install that or it
didn't install, wouldn't install KDE at all.

Question, why such tight intergration of those 3 items?

Another item I am not certain of. IS it a bug, or if it is , has it
been reported before, but: why doesn't Xmms, amarok, or juk know when
I installed software ( specifically , lame for my 64 bit proc from
Packman) installed it w/ one of the installer proggies.

Not the ball ( icon) that looks like all the earth has shifted to So.
pole but, the slightly more 'psychodelic ball" (icon) . That Blueone w/
bit o' green is called "opensuseupdater" .

The other one calls itself, sometimes "install software" and there is
even one bit that calls itself "remove software" *And* "software
updater" as well! ( both say they install things but they seem to have
somehow decided which program will do what.)That Install software is
what is called when attempting an install from Packman. Anyway.. ( It
was the only software site I tried.)

Oh one more thing about all that. After I installed lame; I even
ran /sbin/SuSEconfig.. but none of the normal audio proggies one would
expect to use lame in order to play mp3s , don't , wont' can't ...
left me bemused, and needing caffiene infusion, desperately

Those are some of the little things that have bugged me.. ( Yes, yes, I
*do* know Realplayer will play mp3s.) I am hoping sometime before the
next version after 10.2 is out, all my mp3's will be converted to

Also, dunno if this is bug or?? But this flat pannel does NOT like
anything to touch the corners of the screen. It starts whipping back
and forth thru blank screen and almost seeing the window that just
opened. I am using a setting of only one desktop at the moment. other
info is as follows:
card: NVidia 6800 Ultra (0x00F9)
Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster 4S ( it's what the computer chose <shrug>)
resolution is 1600x 1200 w/ colour depth set at 24bit..

The spell checker doesn't work in Kmail. Obviously ;)

That's all I found so far.. I'm brain dead, more than usual. I think
I'm on my 35th hour w/o sleep. Gotta get a Pepsi, caffeine and real
sugar!! Something to jolt the few brain cells holding out hope ;)

FWIW I wasn't too chuffed about the "geeko" menu idea. I guess it's
razzle dazzle time, but it made me nuts! Took me a bit of time to
figure out it was changable , duh! It's Linux , silly, everything is
changable . Are we trying to go crazy w/ the flashy stuff or what?

Nevermind, I'll catch up , eventually.



Like the gecko behind the painting , w/ hidden wisdom to impart ; in a
world that needs more dancin' . She's a hula-girl heart. Photographs
show she is lovely. Her bare feet are a work of art! Her fragrence
speaks of frangipani. And she's still. a hula girl at heart!
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