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Re: [opensuse] KDE update on sunday
On Thu, 2006-11-30 at 21:02 +0100, Anders Johansson wrote:
> On Thursday 30 November 2006 20:57, Roger Oberholtzer wrote:
> > # rpm -qa | grep compiz
> > compiz-quinncvs_060920-4.4
> > kicker-compiz-060918-3.3
> > gset-compiz-0.3.4-20.5
> > compiz-manager-060917-3.15
> >
> > # rpm -qf /usr/bin/gtk-window-decorator
> > error: file /usr/bin/gtk-window-decorator: No such file or directory
> >
> >
> > So, is this a new requirement? Seems I did not have this ever, and all
> > KDE 3.5 updates previous to the one I did on Sunday worked OK. Did the
> > KDE upgrade add this as a new requirement? Without making a dependency
> > for the package that contains the program?
> >
> > I guess I need to decide if I dare upgrade to Beryl and hope it
> > satisfies the dependencies.
> gnome-window-decorator has always been a requirement if you wanted to have
> window decorations in compiz (and it is a bit difficult to use without them)
> You are using a cvs version of compiz, built by someone in the community, I
> have no idea whom. This person uses the build service to build the rpms, but
> that hardly means they are official builds
> If you want a stable environment you really shouldn't update as much.
> Especially not to CVS versions

This machine I am updating is sort of a play thing. I do not rely on it
working at all times. I mainly use it to track the builds.

Frequency of updates is not really the whole issue. I could update once
a year. If I just happened to get a bad build that time, I am just as
screwed as if I updated all along and hit that bad build. Builds do not
by their nature come with a quality rating.

I am not complaining about anything. I am happy with the build service!
But when something goes wrong, I do try to sort it out.
> Having said all this, the latest version of compiz-quinncvs has
> gnome-window-decorator

I wonder why smart is not selecting to update this. It is in my list of
things to update. Something to check this evening. Thanks for the tip.

Roger Oberholtzer

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