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Re: [opensuse] Dell Computer with Suse 10.1
  • From: "Bryan S. Tyson" <bryantyson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 01:15:06 -0500
  • Message-id: <200612010115.06576.bryantyson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 30 November 2006 23:17, phantom21@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Some years ago I wanted a keyboard for a non-IBM computer which had the
> same solidity and tactile feel. I researched and purchased a Northgate
> keyboard. The base was metal, not plastic, it was heavy, it had the tactile
> feel, and it had two other things I wanted: I could switch the positions of
> the alt and ctrl keys and - using dip switches in the base - tell it which
> keys were which, and it had the function keys down the left side of the
> keyboard and the across the top.
> Unfortunately, after many good years of service the keyboard doesn't work
> properly anymore. I eventually had to place an adapter to go from old
> style keyboard port to ps/2 style keyboard port, but that didn't help.
> I would love to get another keyboard like that again for my main desktop
> workstation.

I have an old Northgate like the one you described. It still works great. I do
use an AT-PS2 adapter.

Quoting from PC World:

Northgate is long gone, but the Northgate keyboard has been resurrected by
Creative Vision Technologies. The company's $189 Avant Stellar has the same
great feel as the OmniKey, along with features that let me get things done
fast, starting with two sets of function keys--12 across the top and another
12 in a double row down the left side.

The keys on the side make it a breeze to touch-type Ctrl, Alt, and
function-key combinations in Windows, Word, and other programs. For example,
I can do a Shift-F7 spelling check or close an app with Alt-F4 while

The Avant Stellar allows me to remap any key to any other key. For instance, I
much prefer having the Ctrl key to the left of the letter 'A', exactly where
God and IBM (no longer synonymous) first thought it should go. Très cool,
non? I can also create short macros that let one key represent many
keystrokes. The Avant Stellar uses a PS/2 connection and works with all
versions of Windows.


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Bryan S. Tyson
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