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Re: [opensuse] smart on 10.2?
  • From: Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 23:46:39 +0100
  • Message-id: <456F5F4F.7050608@xxxxxxxxx>
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Robert Smits wrote:
> On Thursday 30 November 2006 03:33, steve reilly wrote:
>> I agree, Im thinking there is something wrong again with the updating
>> system. Even if there isnt, its just too slow!!!! Yast is like a dinosaur,
>> and takes 5 minutes to start up, the zen updater hangs for days if you
>> will let it. Smart is the only package manager that works quick and
>> flawlessly, as far as I can see.
>> Thank you pascal, the pre configured repositories is a nice touch as
>> well!!
> Yast, in my experience, is only slow if you've added lots of repositories and
> told Yast to update them every time it starts up. I just turn off update for
> repositories I'm not using and Yast speeds up a lot in startup time.

Yes, you should definitely have a good look at what repositories
("installation sources" in yast-speak) are marked as auto-refresh.
Turn it off for repositories like 10.1/inst-source or non-oss.
Turn it on for online updates and also for repositories like Packman or
mine (guru), as they change frequently (Packman and guru are updated
several times a day).

> I certainly agree about's very slow. I suspect it's because there are
> fewer zen repositories and consequently they're getting hit harder and have
> less bandwidth available, but this is pure speculation on my part. I
> certainly did'nt ask for zen, don't want it now, but am stuck with it.

No, zen is using the same repositories and repository formats as yast:
- - RPM-MD (also called repomd), an XML based more-or-less standard (also
used by yum, smart, recent apt-rpm, ...)
- - yast2, a SUSE/yast-specific format that has always been used by yast
since waaaaaaay before zen/zmd/zypp

So you can use exactly the same repositories in
- - yast2/zypp (without zmd) and zypper (new in 10.2, backports exist for
- - yast2/zmd, zmd, rug
- - smart (smart can even handle apt-rpm repositories, not sure that's
useful though ;))

So that cannot be the reason.
My personal guess would be that it's related to
- - Zen not being very well implemented (inefficient XML parsing, sqlite
storage being a drag, ...)
- - all the synchronization crap between Zen and yast/zypp (what a
horrible hack that is)
- - possibly somewhat related to Mono...?, not necessarily because it's a
byte-compiled programming language (JVMs are extremely fast) but rather
because it probably hasn't matured enough yet (hotspot compiler, anyone?)

The latter is a rather wild guess though, please take it with sticks,
haven't done much with Mono myself.

But I guess the synchronization is really a big issue. Apart from being
an ugly hack more than anything else (IMHO), it just has to be slow.

It should be a lot better using yast with zypp _only_ (i.e. without
zen), as you can now properly choose to do in 10.2

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