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[SLE] Grub question
  • From: "Marius Roets" <roets.marius@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 10:22:23 +0200
  • Message-id: <5ddfa2210607030122i208c6f29s5aa1817f877e38eb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi everybody,
I have little experience with boot loaders, so I think this question
might be elementary. I have 2 partitions, one with Suse 10.0 and one
with 10.1. 10.1 was installed last, and I was using it's version of
Grub (which detected 10.0, and added it to the boot list). This was
all good, until I did an online update of 10.0. This caused 10.0 to
write it's own version of Grub to the MBR (if this is how it works).
My enthusiasm was not dampened by this, I just decided to add 10.1 to
Grub's menu.lst of 10.0. However, Grub is smarter than me, and on
reboot simply removes the entry to 10.1. What to do now.

I would like to either:
1) Add 10.1 to the boot list of 10.0's Grub, AND have it remain there
after reboot, or
2) Re-install 10.1's Grub to the MBR.

Also I would like to know how I could avoid this problem with future updates.

Currently I am unable to boot 10.1

Apologies if my techno lingo is not quite correct, I only have a
passing knowledge of how these things work.


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