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[SLE] Wireless card issue
Dear list,

I wanna share my experience with a wireless network card because I think
others could have the same problem I'm having. Of course I also hope
someone in the list can give me an advice on how to handle the issue.

The card is the Belkin 802.11g Wireless Desktop Network Card, the distro
is OpenSUSE 10.1.

Basically the card is not supported by madwifi nor nsdiwrapper. I've
inspected the PCI bus to find out that a RaLink chipset is used. RaLink
makes an open driver for linux.

I downloaded, compiled and installed the RaLink module. The module is
loaded at startup and the card is correctly recognized.

The problem I have is that Yast still doesn't see the card even if the
module is loaded. If I configure (ifconfig and iwconfig) the card
manually, it works perfectly.

What I expected was to see the card in the Yast network configuration
module, but it's not there.

My efforts to manually bring up the card at boot time (with if-up)
failed miserably because it seems to me that the network scripts aren't
standard in OpenSUSE, and I got really confused about how they work. The
script ifcfg-ra0 that I made (the network interface is ra0 with the
RaLink module) is launched but it fails because the card is still down
at boot time. The only way to bring it up is to do that manually with

So The best solution here would be to make Yast see the card, or at
least to bring up the card at boot time so that the network scripts
don't fail when init calls them.

Even if I didn't include all the logs the message is long. I'm sorry for
that. If any detail is needed I'll promptly send it in reply to the

Thanks a LOT to anyone wanting to help.


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