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Re: [SLE] protected packages in yast software manager
  • From: Daniel Bauer <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 20:34:06 +0200
  • Message-id: <200607172034.06652.linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Am Montag, 17. Juli 2006 18:14 schrieb Istvan Gabor:
> > > This regards to SUSE 10.0:
> > > In the package manager of yast several packages are
> labeled
> > > 'protected', eg many of the kde update packages.
> > > How could I remove protection and make these packages
> > > labeled as the regular normal packages?
> >
> > right click on the "protected-icon" and change to "keep"
> > you can also do the same for all packages shown in a list (be
> careful!)
> Right clicking indeed changes the state to keep.
> However after exiting and reopening the package manager the
> packages' state again protected.
> So it seems this does not work.
> Any other idea?
> Thanks,
> IG
Sorry, no I don't have any other idea. I don't know where Yast saves its
package state information...

But as said, in my opinion it's just to protect you from automatically
overwriting your packages by mistake (as far as I know, only "additional
packages" that are not in the "standard distribution" or that you download
and install yourself are marked as locked). If you update with Yast as
described in my last post, Yast doesn't care about the locked state and just
updates as usual. At least this is what "my" Yast does...

However, the way I see it such "additional packages" would not get updated by
YOU anyway, even if they are not marked as locked.

So I don't see that it makes any difference or advantage wheter the packages
are "locked" or not or any reason why you should want to permanently change
the state from locked to keep.

But if you have one: post it here, I'm sure there's somebody around who knows
much better how to help you in this matter...



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