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Re: [SLE] Suggestion to improve OpenSUSE by providing only selected package!
  • From: stephan beal <stephan@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 12:20:22 +0200
  • Message-id: <200607181220.25063.stephan@xxxxxxxx>
On Tuesday 18 July 2006 07:54, The Nice Spider wrote:
> Why? By providing selected package, suse linux will:
> 1. faster in dev time

That's not true, because the "extras" CD has to be developed at the same
time. As a user, if i had to wait a couple months before Suse shipped
the Extras CD with gcc on it, i would switch distributions.

> 2. no need to spend time to answer/correct bug on
> un-popular package

Who decides what's unpopular? Freshmeat rankings?

> 3. we can not serve many master, right? you want suse
> support gnome, kde,
> fox or any windows at same time and same team? why
> don't choose only ONE gui
> as native X Windows while others as optional?

While KDE is the de-facto "most popular" desktop, we cannot serve a
single master because there are too many people using "minority" window
managers/desktops. If Suse alienates those people, it loses market.

> 4. saving space! native/selected package will fit on
> less CD/DVD while
> optional still available for download on ftp or other
> additional cd/dvd.

It all fits on one DVD. What's the problem? You don't have to download
it - many magazines come with a copy.

> 5. installation time will be faster

Saving 1/2 hour during install and costing more time later as the user
has to find, select, and install more packages.

> 6. Yast can serve more package with more configable
> (look at the apache/php
> which on suse 10.1 only provide too small
> configuration, i.e: can not set
> these php varibles: magic_quotes, display_error, etc.
> In compare to Novell
> Server! which all confiration can alter easier!)

"Suse 10.1" is sold as a desktop OS. Novell Server is a Server OS.

> i believe the speed of suse linux dev will increase
> more than 100% if you
> provide only selected package.

The number of packages installed has nothing to do with the speed of the

> i pray every day suse
> linux become the most
> usable, easiest and stable linux in the world.

It is.

> currently, i can not serve
> any except make suggestion.

And we all love suggestions, but it sounds like you want one of the
"micro" distributions which fits on a single bootable CD. Suse is not
that distribution, and should not become that distribution. i've used
Suse since '98 (version 6.0, i think) and i love it because i can
install it and be back to work within 2 hours. i don't have to
configure much, i don't have to change a lot. i just have to pop in the
DVD, select the packages i want, and wait an hour or two. Afterwards i
occasionally have to install an extra package which i missed during the
install (flex, webalizer, etc). Ten years ago it was still fun to
install Slackware and then spend 3 days configuring my system. It's not
fun anymore, and with Suse i don't have to do that.

----- stephan@xxxxxxxx
"...pleasure is a grace and is not obedient to the commands
of the will." -- Alan W. Watts
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