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John N. Alegre [mailto:lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] wondered:
> Could some kind person point me to a good HOWTO or tutorial
> on setting
> up POP Mail on a SuSE 9.1 Pro system.

I'd like to find a neat, concise (yet explanatory, as in, why you are doing
each step and what the options are... hmm, probably defeats "concise" right
there, doesn't it) HowTo for setting up an IMAP server on SUSE.

Meanwhile, there's something at

and a similar one for 10.1 that might have useful
info for you.

For me, it leaves me with as many questions as it
answers, since, of course, I don't wish to do
exactly what the writer has done, but I'm not
sure which bits are important and which are not
as far as antecedents to the IMAP/POP3 config is

For example, there doesn't seem to be much about
getting the mail from elsewhere to the Courier
IMAP/POP server. In my case, I don't want outside
forces pushing to my PC, I want my PC going to
my ISP, fetching the mail and putting it in the
right places, in the right condition that the IMAP
server can use it. Then I want the IMAP server to
keep it forever and not "accidentally" delete it
just because it's been read or is old... stuff
that you don't care about, because you want POP,
but an indication of how sparse or disconnected
the HowTos have been from my perspective (ask me
how I ended up with 1.5 million files [mostly
duplicates] in my /Maildir... better yet, don't
ask - it's an agonizing tale that seems to have
no end).

Kevin (still blundering along)

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