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Anders Johansson [mailto:andjoh@xxxxxxxxxx] said:
> fetchmail has one config file per instance you run. There are
> basically two
> ways of doing it. Either each user sets up fetchmail for his/her own
> accounts, and runs a private fetchmail, or the admin of the
> machine sets up
> one central config which fetches all email for all user
> accounts. It's down
> to taste and what suits your exact setup really. Both ways work

If I wanted to use fetchmailconf and use the central config
option, do I open a console and do sux - fetchmailconf ?

> > Similar questions about IMAP. And where should the mail
> > be going for the IMAP server to handle it, if _some_
> > of the users are local login users, but some are
> > remote-only and don't have a login account on the
> > serving PC?
> I suspect that rules out Joanne's solution then, since I
> don't think that can
> handle virtual users (at least I don't think so).
> cyrus can though, but in the solution I gave in my other
> email, it would
> require that you create accounts for them, but you can
> disable logins (set
> login shell to /bin/false) if you want.

> There are ways of creating purely virtual users without linux
> accounts too, if you really want them

I guess it's easy enough to just have "dummy" system
accounts with login disabled (or just a really nasty
password), while I'm dealing with less than half a
dozen mail users.

Is it much more complicated to do the virtual mail
user thing and disengage entirely from local system
accounts? Isn't that mostly why sasl is invoked?
> >
> > Does IMAP need/expect that all the incoming mail will
> > be in one place, or can it handle (say) /data/Maildir
> > for the non-local subscribers as well as individual
> > ~/Maildir for those who have local login accounts?
> > What about that question makes it stupid? :-)

> It's not a stupid question. IMAP the protocol doesn't care
> where the mail is
> physically stored, but I don't think I've ever seen an actual
> IMAP server
> that could handle multiple locations (cyrus murder, I guess,
> in some sense)

Uh-uh. I am _so_ far from needing a murder of Cypruses...

So, is there just _one_ setting in imap.conf that says
where it expects/keeps the mail?
And I just match that path somewhere in the Postfix, and everything is sweetness and light?

> > I mentioned Courier because that's what was used in
> > the HowTos to which I originally pointed John Alegre.
> > No other attraction to it.
> > My first-ever attempt at a server was with Cyrus, but
> > I tripped over stuff to do with authentication and
> > might also have had a generic IMAP trying to run at
> > the same time, or maybe Cyrus does like Postfix does
> > (when it pretends to be sendmail), and presents an executable
> > just called "imap" or "imapd"... does it? After I
> > finished installing SUSE 10.1 and blundering through
> > the (attempted) mail setup, Xinetd seemed to think
> > there was something called imapd, and nothing called
> > Cyrus-IMAP... though I think there was a Cyrus-sasl
> > daemon (listed in xinetd) that wasn't active... so easily
> do I confuse.
> Neither cyrus imap nor saslauthd are run through xinetd,
> they are standalone daemons

How does one know this, from lookin' at them?
Is it just because they don't appear magically in xinetd?
Or is there something intrinsic to the apps that tells
you? ... or it says so in the man page? and you know
to look for that because...?

> I didn't say anything about outbound, in your scenario I
> don't see a reason
> why the email client should't connect directly to the
> external mail server.
> But if you want it to go through the postfix server for some
> reason (security
> perhaps), then it's not so hard

Here's another place where I confuse.
All mention of Postfix, to this point, was between
fetchmail and IMAP on the inbound path, which leads
me to believe that that's what has been configured
in, to now.

So, what tells Postfix that outbound mail is:
a) outbound
b) treated differently than what it gets inbound from fetchmail?

Hmm. When I send directly from mail client (KMail) to
ISP, it goes via the ISP's SMTP server.
Does Postfix, then, run an SMTP server to catch outbound
mail either from client on the same box or from another box
on my LAN? Is it receiving via a port in both directions,
or just for the outbound stuff?

> Have a look at the description I gave in my other email and
> let me know if it matches your requirements.

Will do, thanks, but in this mail it's the understanding
of what's happening and needs to happen that I'm working on.


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