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Re: [opensuse] Re: MiniSUSE project page.
  • From: Rajko M <rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 21:47:12 -0500
  • Message-id: <44C2E330.1040603@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Pascal Bleser wrote:
> jdd wrote:
>>> Pascal Bleser wrote:

> Sounds to me like you should use Gentoo instead of SUSE Linux.
> But Gentoo has other problems.

The basic problem with Gentoo is that any major change locks computer
for a long time until compilation is done. No one that uses Gentoo is
rushing to get the newest KDE, just to try.

>>> all this I _have_ encountered
>>> Yast is not at present time sufficiently fine grained to cope with this.
> YaST2 has absolutely nothing to do with that.

I'm afraid that you are right. It has little to do with YaST. We can
tweak selections and achieve some improvements, but to make SUSE linux
really slick, we have to find the ways to overcome rpm packaging

The miniSUSE is a project that needs a lot of data, before it can
produce real improvements, it can influence application writing and
packaging philosophy as we know it today. What we need is more heavy
weights like you that have deep understanding of present status and
possible ways to go around.


> For some applications, it's possible to do that though, because they
> externalize their features/capabilities as plugins (usually shared
> libraries loaded with dlopen() or libtool/libltdl) and are smart enough
> to disable features if the corresponding plugin could not be loaded.
> But that's really the exception, and not the rule.
> 90-95% of applications don't work that way and burn dependencies into
> their binaries at compile time (usually depending on what you pass to
> the ./configure script), not at runtime.

Nice point.

That points one of the ways to overcome present status, more smart
applications, that adjust themselves to existing environment. To cut on
load time, check has to be done only if system indicates new installed

To cut on multitude of ways that kind of checkup can be done and the
number of ways that plugin communicate to main application, we need
operating system to take over setup procedure and include some standard
way for communication between processes.


> I'm afraid you are dreaming of something that is not technically feasible :\

Not in a short term, but set as a goal it will produce results.
Linus dreaming is what brought Linux to us :-)
All we have to do is to continue the dream.


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