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Re: [opensuse] Re: MiniSUSE project page.
  • From: jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 21:38:36 +0200
  • Message-id: <44C27EBC.9080202@xxxxxxxxx>
Pascal Bleser wrote:

It really isn't simple.

for sure :-)

hell", but I really don't understand... never, ever install RPMs
"manually" (with rpm -i/-U/-F) unless you really know what you are
doing. Always use a package manager (yast2, zmd, rug, smart, apt, yum,
whatever), as it will nicely resolve the dependencies for you and
install everything that's needed.

not right. The package manager know only about the libraries it have into it's own database, not other ones. most app I need to compile rely on the very last library that yast don't know of.

When the web page of the app author is well done (for example the kdenlive one), each needed library is exactly listed with the link to it, it's enough to go and take it. but if this is not done, one need to compile (or run rpm, this is sensibly the same), look at the error message and go on.

so: use Yast, and thank SUSE for having one of the largest available repository or be prepared to face dependency problems

This has been possible since a very long time with YaST2 ;)
Those are just .sel files:

there are no more sel files in 10.1 (or none that yast can create)

and I think you miss the point (sorry, probably my fault).

Many developpers makes (or autoconfig) from they own computer. They have on it a bunch of libraries. The tools include in the definition file all the libraries that could ever be used.

* it's a good idea to have a gnome menu on a kde app? the tool note gnome as needed
* there is a gui front end to your console app? the tool makes X and kde needed
* I never use ogg, but want mp3, why do amarok install ogg libraries? (because it don't know what I want)

all this I _have_ encountered

Yast is not at present time sufficiently fine grained to cope with this.

I hope the new package system will be able to know that some dependencies must _not_ be solved for some profile.

in fact libraries should be split in more catagories:

* absolutely necessary to run the app (gcc :-)
* mandatory for some functions, but not for others (codecs, desktops)

and I think this will need some work with the packagers. If the build service is as attractive as I feel it will be, the problem will be much simpler.


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