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Re: [opensuse] The state of openSUSE
  • From: Martin Schlander <suse@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 14:49:14 +0200
  • Message-id: <200607201449.14501.suse@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sorry about the previous empty mail.. I was trying to figure out using
different smtp-servers with K-mail.. got it now.. very nice.

About the quality:
I agree with Marcus - except package management - and maybe NetworkManager a
little bit - 10.1 is really nice. I view it like this 10.1 was sacrificed on
the alter of SLED - this was a "one off".. hopefully a "once in a lifetime" -
but certainly only a "once every two years" tops. Unless of course a SLED
Home is in the making which I understand is being considered - maybe in that
case we (openSUSE) will continue to be crash-test-dummies - I certainly don't
hope so.

About Ubuntu:
First thing: I think one thing openSUSE can learn from Ubuntu is that catering
for home-users can be very helpful for the enterprise strategy. Ubuntu has
been building it self up as a home distro for a couple of years - and seem to
succesfully using this as a jump-off for there entry into enterprise.

Why is Ubuntu so damn popular? .. since basically it's a pretty mediocre
distro? I think this is why (some of it was mentioned before):
CDs are thrown at you everywhere you go. 1 cd install. Package management
doesn't need much hands-on-attention. More available packages.
Automatix/EastUbuntu. And mainly - the huge Debian-community have been very
happy to endorse Ubuntu - however I think that might change as they're
realising Ubuntu are some disrespectful, forking sons of b......

About communication:
I agree with Benji to some extent that communication is bad in some areas
through the mailinglist. However if you use bugzilla to communicate your
requests and ideas I find it's very responsive. I've heard bugreports at
Ubuntu being ignored for weeks. But of course not everything can be discussed
through bugzilla.

Default desktop:
I don't know if we wanna go there - if a default desktop was to be chosen the
suits would decide - not the openSUSE-project - and we all know which one
they prefer - though I believe the vast majority of openSUSE "activists" have
a different preference.

In the end I want to say I hope and expect that openSUSE/home-users are
important to Novell as well - and that 10.2 will be released with out
implementing very risky, immature stuff and that some marketing muscle will
also be thrown in. Let 10.2 kick vista ass.

Martin / cb400f

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