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[opensuse] Ref from:Status_Meeting_2006-06-13/transcript
  • From: scsijon <scsijon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 13:20:03 +1000
  • Message-id: <>
copied from meeting notes:

18:21 @<henne> new isos with fixes package manager stack
18:21 @<henne> fixed*
18:21 @<henne> re-spin isos
18:22 @<henne> michl?
18:22 +<michl> we won't make new isos
18:22 @<henne> because?
18:23 +<michl> every new installation should do online update during installation
18:23 +<michl> and gets the patch
18:23 +<michl> the ohter can do a updat via YOU
18:24 +<bill-barriere> why not just add those to the add-on cd/dvd
18:24 +<michl> and at the moment we don't have ressources creating new isos and do proper testing
18:24 +<bill-barriere> YOU doesnt work how you axpect people to use it to patch itself
18:24 +<bill-barriere> add-on cd thingy will just get added in install way easier for people with 56k
18:25 +<Beineri> bill-barriere: don't confuse YOU (used during installation) and zen-updater
18:25 +<_Marcus_> YOU does work... we have tested it ;)
18:25 @<henne> okay
18:26 @<henne> so getting the new package manager updates by YOU is no problem?
18:26 @<henne> during the installation
18:26 +<_Marcus_> exactly. we had some problems with mirror delays, but most mirrors should have caught up now
18:26 @<henne> okay
18:26 +<_Marcus_> some mirrors are as far back as 4 days
18:26 @<henne> then i also see no need to put those on the add-on cd
18:26 +<_Marcus_> also within the installation workflow
18:26 +<_Marcus_> have to run now, sorrys

If I understand this item correctly, I have a question.

How do those of us that have sites without internet access, and there by at present use downloaded package update cd's to install updates, be confident with the BASE system installed, if as seems to be implicitly stated in the above that there is no adequate testing and isos updating when a problem is found and fixed before release?


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