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Re: GNOME vs KDE Redoux
  • From: "Chuck Davis" <cjgunzel@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 12:48:45 -0700
  • Message-id: <883e44790605011248x2b112a82p369a54d3fe22079c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I don't believe a word of it. It will be a long time before I run
ANYTHING based on GNOME. Further, if Linux becomes a GNOME world I'd
just as soon run Vista -- I'm getting too old to fight anymore. I
don't see that GNOME has anything to offer. Like the author of the
piece, I've looked a little a programming both desktops and the
difference is night and day. Why GNOME has garnerred the corporate
support it has is a mystery to me. Corporations must like to pay
people to write 10 to 20 times as many lines of code as necessary to
get the program written. C is a really crappy language for business
applications compared to C++ which still pales into insignificance
compared to the productivity of Java. .NET, being MS branded Java,
and Mono's attempt to replicate it is the only hope of the GNOME team
being able to code fast enough to keep up with KDE even with the mega
number of corporates being paid to write on it. Even with all the
paid programmers and corporate support GNOME still sucks.

And yes, Kai, that's how I really feel!


On 5/1/06, Kai Ponte <kai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This was an insightful article on the struggle between GNOME and KDE.
Though I don't necessarily agree with all the writer's points, there is
some food for thought here, especially concerning broad desktop adoption.

<quote>GNOME has won the corporate battle and needs the support of the
broader community. Because many people view KDE as technically superior
and there are some egos at stake, that may be a bitter pill to swallow.
Even if the community does coalesce around GNOME, it in no way
guarantees success, but the continued fragmentation of the desktop
guarantees it will languish.</quote>


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