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Re: GNOME vs KDE Redoux
  • From: "Chuck Davis" <cjgunzel@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 6 May 2006 20:39:57 -0700
  • Message-id: <883e44790605062039s16f6be8fsac48f04b90069597@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Now you've started meddling!

I've done COBOL and RPG. RPG on AS/400, iSeries, whatever it's called
this week, and Microfocus COBOL on OS/2 PCs. When I started to look
around for a place to go when IBM told us to get off their products I
found Linux. I looked at C/C++ and they seemed totally disgusting. Then I found Java and it just worked. The libraries supply all the
power one could ever wish for. It just keeps getting better and
better. You can have your pointers. I'll take my references any day
(which of course are pointers underneath). So here's my deal. You
use the pointers to create the jvm and I'll use the references you
create with them to write my applications! Pointers are just plain
evil for applications programmers! And I probably would not want an
OS based on anything other than C/C++!


On 5/6/06, Mark H. Harris <harrismh777@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Saturday 06 May 2006 14:30, kai wrote:
> /me raises eyebrow - something wrong with Java? Please tell us more.
> programmed in Java, Visual Basic, Cobol, Pascal, C++, C#, and a bit of
> assembler. So far, I've found Java to be a tight and comfortable
> programming language. Like any language it has its annoyances.

You don't have RPG or FORTRAN on your list... most of us guys old enough to
program COBOL have had our share of both of the others also... :-))

The reason you don't hate Java is because you don't have C on your list...
and C programmers need and *must* always and forever use pointers. [its in
our blood] anyway, Java is crummy C++ without pointer support... ;-) and
well, without pointers you might as well be using Basic... which I guess you
did for a while... me too... but that was way way way back on the Vic20
Motorola 6502...

Java functions... its slow, but it works. C++ is better, C is even better,
with a TCL/TK wrapper is the best!

Java is like coffee... before I drink it I always want to add something like
cream and/or sugar... then I remember that the stuff is just bad for me...

<this is mostly supposed to be funny, but some of it is true>

Kind regards,

Mark H. Harris <><

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