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Re: [SLE] where to find these packages? Novell website said they are part of 10.0 but not on my discs
  • From: Zhang Weiwu <zhangweiwu@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 15:36:36 +0800 (CST)
  • Message-id: <Pine.LNX.4.58.0605171521140.1102@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wed, 17 May 2006, Carl Hartung wrote:

> On Wednesday 17 May 2006 02:24, Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> > Hello, I installed SuSE 10.0 with 5 CDROMs. Some packages were said to be
> > part of SuSE 10.0 (by novell website), but are not found by using YAST.
> >
> > Example: gftp, bluefish
> >
> > try search Novell, gftp should be in /suse/i586/gftp- and
> > bluefish also should exist. But I searched all 5 CDROMs, there are no such
> > rpm. Or perhaps my 5 CDROM version is not complete?
> Hi Zhang Weiwu,
> Nice to hear from you again! How is your dog? :-)

Aooooh, a good surprise to me, you remember like a computer!

My dog is fine, thank you. I think he is finer then I am;)

> There were too many packages to fit on the CD set. If you download the
> DVD .iso image, you will find all the packages there. I don't believe that
> 10.0 has ever been set up for direct ftp installation, so it isn't possible
> to download the individual packages. Another option would be to look for the

Thank you for the hint of getting a DVD, I'll try to download one to see if
the files are more complete. But I am sure 10.0 is available for FTP
installation, this is what I did for my colleague:
1) set up ftp server for anonymous access.
2) copy the content of CD1 to ftp server root, under CD1 folder;
3) copy the content of CD2 to ftp server root, under CD2 folder;
4) copy the content of CD3 to ftp server root, under CD3 folder;
5) copy the content of CD4 to ftp server root, under CD4 folder;
6) copy the content of CD5 to ftp server root, under CD5 folder;
7) tell the colleague to change install source to ftp, the path is /CD1/
8) his yast install from ftp just fine. Yast is very smart to find the
packages in ftp://server/CD2/ and ftp://server/CD3/ and all CDROM packages.

> packages you want at these sites:
> Suser-guru:
> Packman:
> These are SUSE community members who provide rpms as a service to others in
> the community. I'm fairly certain the Guru has both gftp and bluefish
> available for 10.0.

both are missing in packman, but guru seems to be a good source of a lot of
packages, thank you for the info!

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