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Brute Force fix for Yast Updater and Zen for Newbies like myself
  • From: Ralph Ellis <ralphellis1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 02:17:55 -0400
  • Message-id: <44794093.7060809@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I thought that I would include a few thoughts on the Suse 10.1 struggle
to get the updater functions working. By now everyone knows about the
file fixes on the Suse web site:
I have only used Suse Linux casually for about 18 months and I could not
figure out how to use any of the more automated ways to install these
updates because of all of the related dependencies on developer
libraries. In the end, I had to fall back on the Genghis Khan brute
force method of software install. I downloaded all of these files into a
subdirectory and one by one manually typed in the rpm commands to
install them with the following syntax
rpm -Uhv --force --nodeps filename.rpm
After doing all of the files, I also did:
rpm rebuilddb
This worked. Yast online update is fine. I still get some error messages
from Zen but I don't need to use it now that Yast is functioning without
a hitch.
A brute force install like this comes with some risks of messing up your
system so be sure to do a full system backup before you attempt this
approach. I have both a Suse Linux system backup and a disk imaging
program from Acronis so I knew that if anything went wrong, I could
If the more experienced users in the group had a more elegant way to
install these updates to get the updater working, I would be interested
to hear them. I always hesitate doing an install like this without
significant safeguards to protect the system.
When you have a square peg to put in a round hole - get a bigger hammer.
Ralph Ellis

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