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Re: [SLE] ipv6? -- IPv6 is actually a dream (and there's common FUD)
  • From: Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 20:33:30 +0200
  • Message-id: <e5cqdq$k83$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Bryan J. Smith wrote:

>> Who's talking about "interconnecting enterprises"???
> *I* am! That's what IPv6 is being used for _heavily_ in the US.
> That's the #1 problem with the FUD on IPv6.

I know *you* are, and I'm trying to explain that 1) I'm not and 2) just
as you saw fit to complain about my mentioning a provider, I don't give
a toss about your "interconnecting enterprises". I'm just returning
the favour, Bryan.
I'm fully prepared to make room for all kinds of uses of IPv6, but you
were the one who hit me on the head for mentioning "provider" which is
where IPv6 could possibly become interesting to my own little world.
(which is otherwise quite well served with RFC1918).

> That's why IPv6 is being enabled on systems by default. Which is why
> you can't make this an "Internet-only" thread. Because a _lot_ of
> "Linux" systems aren't directly on the Internet. ;->

I'm not trying to make it any such thing, but I suspect most users here
are not enterprise-size with a sore need to run IPv6. Do you think a
lot of the users have a great need for interconnecting enterprises?

> IPv6 adoption is not difficult at all. And most of the other issues
> have to do with UDP/TCP services in general -- regardless of IPv4 or
> IPv6.

I am trying hard to restrain my sarcasm - surely, that is exactly what I
said was my main IPv6 concern - application support.

>> Why shouldn't they? To me, using it internally is not particularly
>> attractive for the time being.
> Again, last time I checked, this thread wasn't merely limited to the
> Internet.

Quite so. But that does not explain why people should NOT think
Internet when someone says IPv6 - except if those people happen to be
members of interconecting enterprises. Frankly, you're the one with a
limited outlook, not me.

>> Why are you now talking about the US? I never spoke about the US -
>> it is in fact utterly irrelevant to me.
> But that's where the _majority_ of IPv6 adoption is.

I really hate to point out that again I'm just returning the favour.
You bring up something that I think is irrelevant, so I'll just be
obnoxious too and point it out.

You wouldn't by any chance be out trolling, Bryan?

/Per Jessen, Z├╝rich

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